Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Our Community!

This term, we are learning about communities and how we are all connected. We have had several interesting and helpful people come to talk to us. 

We have had:
- the Fire service, 
- a Police woman, Mrs. White
- Ambulance officer, Mrs Ackroyd 
come and visit us!
We learnt about how they help us and what they do for the community.

The most important thing we learnt is to call 111 in an emergency. 

 Here are some photos!

Mrs. White, the police woman visited us and reminded us about car safety. She told us to always wear out seat belts. We found it very interesting that you have to be 148cm tall to not be in a booster seat! Lucky Miss Ladley doesn't need one!


 RH taught us how to stop, drop and roll if we are ever on fire! He did such a great job, the firemen were impressed.
We practiced what we would do if we saw smoke!
Get down, get low, get out!
A good place to wait is by your letterbox.


Mrs. Ackroyd taught us lots about the emergency services and what they do. She told us when to call 1 - 1 - 1
She reminded us we need to know:
Our phone numbers
Our addresses
and to give our names

MA and DA got to dress up as ambulance officers!

We also got a special visit from...
RONALD MCDONALD! Who reminded us about road safety!