Thursday, 6 December 2012

Letters to Santa

Last week we wrote letters to Santa and bundled them up and sent them off in an envelope addressed to:
 Santa Claus
 Santa's workshop
 The North Pole, 0001

Letters to Santa! on PhotoPeach

Annndddd.... we got our replies today! Isn't that cool!

Friday, 23 November 2012

Problem solving

Room 27 has been doing some problem solving this week for Maths.

We were given a problem about hanging up washing. Miss Ladley needed to hang up 4 towels. She used 2 pegs per towel. We had to figure out how many there were all together. Some of us were extra clever and used skip counting in 2s.

The problem then got harder as Miss Ladley ran out of pegs to hang up her towels. We had to use 1 peg to join two together and find our how many she would need!

We worked together as a team!

And were all so happy when we figured it out!!

Auckland Botanic Gardens Trip

Yesterday, Room 27 along with the rest of Year One was lucky enough to visit the beautiful Auckland Botanic Gardens. We learnt so much about plants and gardening.

First, we started by exploring the gardens! We saw some pretty cool things. We especially loved the lakes. 

We saw heaps of cool plants in the children's garden. 
It was extremely hot though! We found a fountain that helped cool us down!

Caroline, from the Gardens, taught us about the life cycle of a bean and everything it needed to grow big and strong!

We also got to have a close look at some worms! We really enjoyed it!

We were lucky enough to plant our own beans that we were allowed to take home and plant!

We learnt how to plant little baby radishes when they got too big for their pots! We will use this knowledge to plant our own bean plants when they start growing!

Caroline showed us what nutrients we needed to help our plants grow. 

After we had planted, we got to do some jobs like digging and sweeping. 

We had a great trip!!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Last week, we learnt about Guy Fawkes. We had great fun reading a poem about fireworks and how they bang, pop and fizzle! We then did some great art where we coloured in some paper and then covered it in black. It was scary to see our beautiful colours disappear. But afterward, it looked great! Check out our art.

Fireworks! on PhotoPeach

Custard the Goat

Yesterday, we were lucky enough to have another visit from a furry friend, Custard the goat. 
Custard was very playful and most of us enjoyed having a cuddle. Some of us had never seen a goat before so it was really interesting! 

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Wrapping paper!

For our celebrations inquiry unit, we used our knowledge of patterns to stamp some great designs with toilet rolls onto some newsprint. We made quite a mess, but it was really fun! We also used some letters to make them extra special! 

HS did a great job with making her flowers the same colours!

SH loved using the letters to make her wrapping paper extra special.

 MA used great christmas colours!

 RH made a special one for his mum!